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Scents have a direct influence on how we feel. Knowing that, know that you can amplify or change your feelings with a little help from our scented candles.


The color black is associated with power, strength, elegance, and sophistication. Do you feel like you need to step into your power or celebrate the power inherent in you? Noir is the scent for you. Light up this candle and step into the power that’s already inside you! The scent of Black Cherry and Black Rose mixed into this candle will enhance your mood and feelings of well-being, pushing you towards your best you. The scent is lingering, leaving the slightly mysterious, elegant aroma of confidence in whatever room it’s used in.


Artisé is a fresh scent that will make you dream of endless possibilities. Are you feeling uninspired, or maybe not sure of what direction to go? Light up our Artisé candle to find yourself feeling inspired, creative, and excited. The Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Mint Leaf in the candle can really awaken your senses and give you fresh, new energy.


Do you ever feel like you need to step out of your day, your problems, or whatever else may be going on and come back for a fresh start? Our Detox candle can help you to detoxify your energy and give yourself a reset to get on with life. Light this candle whenever you need a fresh start! Black Pepper, Cannabis, and White Tea lend a deepness to the scent profile that can help ground your energy and bring about a sense of peace and renewal.


Being true to ourselves is one of the most important, meaningful things we can ever do for ourselves. If you want to increase your confidence, your authenticity, and your passion for speaking your truth, light up our Speak candle and feel the confidence to be yourself wash over you. The scent of Gardenia is awakening, forcing you outside of your comfort zone by increasing the feeling of freedom and ultimately making it easier for you to lower your inhibitions in a way that makes you feel more confident to speak your truth.


Have you ever felt like you weren’t making an impact? That can be a tough feeling to deal with. Our Influencer candle will inspire you to step up your game and maximize the impact you have on your own life and the life of others. The sophisticated scent of Champagne and grounding scent of Dark Chocolate will waft through the air when you light this candle leaving you feeling both self-aware and self-assured.
Our homes should be our oasis, the place we go to relax and recharge. It should be our safe space, the place we can go to be 100% ourselves. The warm scents found in our Home candle will help your space feel comforting, inviting, and cozy! The scents of Cinnamon and Vanilla will prompt the feeling of being home for the holidays which can help bring about a sense of peace, calm, and an air of nostalgia.
Have you ever felt disconnected from a person, a situation, or even from yourself? We’ve all been there. The scents in Six Two Zero Two are masterfully blended and balanced to help you reconnect with your most important relationships. This blend includes Vanilla, which is known to induce feelings of joy and relaxation, while Almond can be soothing your senses and even out your energy levels.